• Cipriani electronic and electromechanics.

    The highest technological level




  • Our production cycle completely in-house.
    Production standards at the highest level
    certified production workflow.
  • Logistics: Equipment and materials management.
    receiving and storage of materials supplied to us.
  • Assembly lines, Conformal coating and Testing.
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About Us

Those who turn to Cipriani for the first time, discover a leader in the fields of electronics and electromechanics

The company owes its success to the ability to respond promptly to the demands of a market that is in constant evolution and, in particular, to the needs of individual clients. Modular approach has indeed proved to be a winning feature in the processing of products, along with traditional care and quality.

Cipriani today works in a new 5,000 sqm. factory, designed to better manage materials at every stage of processing.

The assembly and installation of components are in line with the highest level standards and form the core of an activity that by now covers a leading role at national and international levels.


Areas of specialisation


The best technologies, for cutting edge cars.

Household appliances

High technology for every day use, at home or at work.

Home automation

Best technological components also at your house.


Components that make safer the home or the workplace.


Components for artificial lighting.

Vision, our Goal

A high-profile partner:

Cipriani is the ideal partner not only due to our competence, competitiveness and flexibility, but also for our talent, commitment and passion, all of which guarantees our customers a manufacturing process at the highest level, from the preliminary to the final stage

We provide hi-tech solutions in the field of Professional Electronic through the production of electronic systems, establishing a long-term partnership with mutual satisfaction with our customers and suppliers


Modus Operandi

We consider essential to create a relationship based on the following principles:
  • Trust, affordable and effective solutions

  • Availability and flexibility

  • Clarity, offering simple and understandable answers

  • Attention, knowing how to listen to the customer

  • Reliability, fulfilling commitments

Always offering the best, updating each day our goals. With enthusiasm and professionalism

Because this is the nature of Cipriani