production processes


SMT assembly

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) mounting, or Surface Mount Assembly, is an electronic board assembly technology in which components are placed on the board surface. The SMT assembly process is performed on a fully automated production line. Cipriani s.r.l uses state-of-the-art assembly systems and equipment to meet the demand for advanced technology, quality and cost competitiveness.


PTH mounting

Traditional electronic board mounting, or better known as PTH Mounting, consists of assembling through-hole (PTH) components. This process requires extreme precision in execution and attention to detail. This process is carried out by machines with 4.0 technology and by highly qualified personnel. The assembly consists in inserting the PTH components through the holes of the PCB board. The first phase of the assembly is carried out precisely by automatic inserting machines, while the second, the completion phase, is performed manually by qualified personnel who have thorough knowledge of the components and the assembly process.


Visual inspection

Nel processo di montaggio delle schede elettroniche la fase di controllo visivo è fondamentale per accertarsi che tutte le saldature precedentemente effettuate siano corrette e che non vi siano errori di montaggio.

The visual inspection is carried out by specialized operators, also with the help of an X-ray machine.


Automatic testing

Strict controls during processing and final testing guarantee the highest quality of our processes.

Product validation takes place at the end of each processing step, through the automatic screen printing process control (SPI) and automatic optical inspection (AOI 3D).

At the end of all the processes, the test is carried out, through electrical and functional controls and with an X-Ray inspection that allows further analysis.


Our flagship product of the year

The management and conservation of materials is of primary importance to us. After the delicate incoming and control phases, the materials are stored inside 14 automatic warehouses in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.