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Reliability, precision and research are in our DNA

We strive every day to achieve our goals with enthusiasm and professionalism, offering our customers a top-notch machining process. Highly qualified staff, Technology 4.0 and an automated storage system for storing and managing materials.

Learn about the technologies and practices that have made Cipriani Srl a leader in SMT and PTH assembly.

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4.0 technologies

A remelting furnace for each processing line for faster and more accurate production and assembly machinery with fully automated work lines to drastically reduce operator handling.

At the end of each processing step, product validation occurs through automatic screen printing process control (SPI) andautomatic optical inspection (AOI 3D).

assembly lines

Conformal coating



The management and conservation of materials is very important for us. The flagship of Cipriani Srl is the warehouse with automatic storage system that allows us to monitor, categorize and sort materials avoiding so many risks that companies that use the old shelving system.

After the delicate incoming and control phases, each single component is catalogued and equipped with a unique code so as to allow its tracking at every stage of processing. All materials are stored in 14 warehouses automatic temperature-controlled, to preserve the integrity of each individual component.

ESD standards

To protect processing areas from electrostatic discharge and to preserve electrical components and equipment, we have equipped our plant with ESD-compliant floors, platforms and containers (in which processing materials are stored).
But not only the surfaces, even the uniforms worn by our operators comply with these directives.
The human body, in fact, has a high electrical conductivity and this means that even just walking in the work area or touching equipment and equipment generates static electricity, which is often not even perceived by the individual, but that risks damaging the components.